Acústica en Ajuuk

Saber a qué Suena -
Solo exhibition - 2024

Museo Casa del Lago, CDMX
Acústica en Ayuujk, 2024
Video digital a dos canales

Images by Erik Lopez and Miguel Buenrostro

In the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca is located Santa María Tlahuitoltepec, an Ayuujk town that, like many in the Mixe region, maintains a tradition of philharmonic orchestras with traditional, European, and contemporary music repertoires, with a special emphasis on the performance of wind instruments.

For Acústica en Ayuujk, Buenrostro collaborates with archaeologist and musician Facundo ‘Kunt’ Vargas, and with musician, professor, and orchestra conductor Andrés Vargas in producing a series of improvisation exercises with trumpets and trombones. In the film montage, he juxtaposes the cultural landscape of Tlahuitoltepec, its mountains, with the fields surrounding the archaeological zone of Mitla, 40 km from Oaxaca de Juárez, spaces that the musicians chose for the recordings of the sound sessions.

‘Kunt’ Vargas points out that in Ayuujk, the terms used to translate the Western notion of "acoustics" are Kojpktë / Pojtë, literally meaning mountain / wind. For him, acoustics in Ayuujk travels through these two channels of the landscape, spaces where language and territory operate as indices of listening and defense.

Miguel Buenrostro with the participation of Facundo ‘Kunt’ Vargas and Andrés Vargas

Courtesy of the artist and collaborators with the support of 99 Questions from Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss 

Pocket Trumpet Model: Pocket Trumpet Brand: Justin (Berlin, Germany) Finish: gold Year: 2023 Courtesy of the artist