Cumbia a la orilla del Bosque

Variations - Program - 2023
Konsthall C, Stockholm Sweden 

Variations -

The work was produced in Stockholm with the band "Son Parceros", installed at Konsthall C. The work draws inspiration from the Brunkeberg Tunnel in Stockholm and mixes melodies, rhythms and a journey through the Tunnel with the peaceful forests of Hökarängen. Buenstro asks what if we understand a tunnel, through its listening conditionality? Not through a tunnel view, but through a tunnel audition. A tunnel, understood through Its echoes, its circular resonance and its unique condition of passage that allows us to remember those who walk through it, in order to move beyond the standard interpretations of border regimes.

During his stay in Hökarängen, Buenrostro’s sonic journey led him to meet a Colombian musician and bandleader named Goyo at the local Colombian restaurant. He came to Stockholm 20 years ago with the hope of playing his music all over Europe. Goyo plays music in three different music bands, a Colombian folk band, a Caribbean orchestra and a cumbia ensemble.Their collaboration columnated in the new video work "A orillas del Bosque" carrying the rich rhythms of Cumbia.

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