La Casa del Jaguar
Performances, Interventions 
HUJ: Connections Residency Program, 2021


La Casa del Jaguar (The Jaguar House) is an artistic program developed by Hier & Jetzt: Connections artists in residence Miguel Buenrostro (@mig_bnrstr) and Nicolás Kisic Aguirre (@nicolaskisicaguirre). The program unfolds as a series of sonic interventions in which artists from Latin America are invited to improvise and reflect on communal narratives and possible worlds.

The series of works reflect on the recurrent figure of the Jaguar in mesoamerican pluriversal cosmologies. From the Mayans to the Incas, the jaguar is not seen as a dualist entity but as a relational being that inhabits nocturnal and intraterrestrial spaces. The jaguar is also linked to fertility, agriculture, destruction and ritualistic shamanic practices. La casa del Jaguar is a homage to the relational worlds of the Americas and creates an open space of radical imagination and co-sharing in the BLO ateliers site.

The performative gestures will start off while sundown, during the beginning of the solstice in mid June and will continue periodically in mid July. During the program, Miguel and Nicolas have opened up their studio space as a site of research and experimentation to other Latin American colleagues. Inviting artists such as Moisés Horta Valenzuela from Mexico and Andrés Pereira Paz from Bolivia to share their artistic practices with the Hier & Jetzt community via performative lectures and meaningful gatherings.

Watch more here:

Casa del Jaguar, Performances_ from Miguel Buenrostro on Vimeo.