Archival Entities
Germen Estudio, Mexico City

Giacomo Castagnola
Erik López
Jesus López

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The original objective of the project was to link the National Numismatic Museum (MNN) with the surrounding neighborhood, El Carmen neighborhood, through this device that promotes listening to and archiving oral histories. One person drives another around the neighborhood to tell them different stories about the street, their houses and the neighbors who inhabit them. We think of these oral histories as intangible heritage that must be recorded to nurture the museum's collection itself now including the stories of the inhabitants.

Common Trades (Los Angeles)
In Collaboration with Giacomo Castagnola

Oficios comunes is a long-term project developed in Mexico approximately 5 years ago, it focuses on studying, reinforcing and/or recovering vernacular knowledge of specific communities, to apprehend and record technologies and constructive knowledge native to these communities and that are often in disuse or forgotten, in order to experiment and co-produce with them -the local makers- contemporary projects that converse with their technologies and knowledge, thus raising speculative design processes around these trades that represent in a certain way the material and social culture of the place.

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Common Trades, Urban Metabolism of Knowledge, L.A. Version
presents a series of research and design projects that study trades ubiquitous in specific urban and rural centers. Started in Mexico City in 2014, it continued in 2015 in Cuzco, Peru. With this residency and exhibition, the project moves North to Los Angeles, with a focus on the making of food vendor carts, trailers, and food trucks that are characteristic of Mexican and Latino street food culture in this city.

Armory Center For the Arts, Los Angeles CA, 2018

Common Trades (Zacatecas, MX)
In Collaboration with Giacomo Castagnola

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                                           Rural Metabolism of Knowledge, Zacatecas Mexico.
Oficios Comunes, Zacatecas. Design and elaboration of different types of chairs based on the traditional chairs of the region made of pine wood and tule woven seat. Made in collaboration with Daniel and Don Miguel Morales from the city of Jerez, Zacatecas for the FEMSA Biennial 2018.

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Common Trades (Cuzco, Perú)
In Collaboration with Giacomo Castagnola

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Artisan knowledge demonstrates the continuity between the organic and the social in action.  Richard Sennet

KAI - Residencia de Arte e Investigación

How to overcome an economic organization that depends on the extraction of natural resources, which are sold, practically unprocessed, abroad – through extraction activity or extractivism? Eucalyptus, Chachacoma and Guarangüey is a research project in art and design that emerges from this question, that is developed using rural routes and derives in the Andean zones of Peru, and whose focus is on  studying existing local knowledges. It proposes to learn about and archive knowledges, using contemporary projects to experiment and co-produce in collaboration with local makers, provoking speculative processes around the material culture of specific rural communities (and their common trades), to generate small links between economy and knowledge.

Film,  10” Single Channel Installation, HD

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"Heimat" is an exploration that navigates the physical and imaginary borders between two parallel realities.  
Ethnographic Film Forum, Mexico City, 2021

Heimat is part of a series of exercises where the border manifests itself in the physical-historical space, trying to reveal the geopolitical forces beyond the territorial delimitations of the nation state.

Death and Life of a Portal
Film Series

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Trilogy On Space, 45” HD

(Death and Life of a Portal) portrays the installation by Tijuana artist Alejandro Zacarías.

The Portal, located in the downtown area of the city, intercepts the original layout of the city and functions as a dimensional door that connects different sites of what is considered the historic center of the city.