Ode to Observation

Ode to observation, otherness and silence.

I do not want to be the one that is being observed, I would rather observe otherness,

Because when I observe otherness, I observe myself.

I do not want to be listened,
I would rather listen to otherness,

because when I listen to otherness, I listen to my own self.

I do not want to be silent without a voice, I would rather have a voice of silence,

a language of silence.

I don’t think that the aim of my artistic practice is to be shown in a museum

nor to be celebrated by the elitist bourgeois.

The aim of my practice is to observe, to listen, to be one with otherness

I have built a life of images and these images have built a life all around me.

These images have taken me to other places,

other places have brought me to other images.

It is thru the contemplation of the image, that I know I am in the practice of alone practice.

Observation has taught me everything I know about space,

because sometimes I stare into the infinite space,

because space itself contemplates me.

I am aware of the spatial representation of the forces that drive this world into chaos and absurdity.

Because I was born in between two spaces at the same time.

My favorite contemplation is the spatial one.

Architecture is the spatial representation of systems

A system of systems.

I propose to acknowledge destruction as a discipline of creation.

I believe that we should recognize the hard work of those who demolish and dismantle the architecture space.

I am aware of the discipline of destruction.

The role of the Demoledor is to acknowledge space and to destroy it.

In such way, the wise and brave workers figure out how to abolish all columns,

how to separate the recycled iron from the concrete wall.

After weeks of collective work,

the team of workers take the giant sealing off.

It is then when the light comes in,

It is then when silence comes back.

It is then when the system is cracked.

I believe that observation and otherness have no expiration.

I believe that architecture will always have expiration,

It is condemned to it’s own destruction.

I believe that any human-made statement has an expiration.

I believe that this same statement will expire shortly

I believe that this statement will expire

I believe that this statement

I believe that this…

I believe…

This message will self destruct in 2 seconds…..