Selected Works

4 Channel Video Installation 
Owned by Others, Berlin 2019

Many narratives of Alexander von Humboldt’s travels to the America’s refer to him as the „Second Discoverer“. Because of his travels and engagements with the flora and fauna, his geological studies provided new perspectives on science. At the same time he produced maps which travelled back to Europe to the hands of the Spanish crown. These maps provided the empire with geographical data detailing the richness in natural resources of the new world. This knowledge was soon potentialized as it assisted different forms of extracting wealth from natural resources as well as from indigenous land and labour.

‘Otros Nosotros – on Coloniality & Resistance’ is an artistic investigation and argument presented through archival images and filmed footage by the artist Miguel Buenrostro at ‘Museum Tropicana’. Exploring the economic relationship between forms of domination in Latin America and de-colonial struggles. Miguel utilises archival footage and collected images from Mexico and the Andes region that highlight connections between many forms of extractivism. The aim of the counter-narrative is to re-think Modernity/coloniality and the perception of the ‚other‘.

For ‘Otros Nosotros – on Coloniality & Resistance’ Miguel brings together confrontational footages from Berlin from this year, juxtaposing the erection of the christian cross on the dome of ‘Humboldt Forum’ and a celebration for the renaming of M* Straße in honor of Anton Wilhelm Amo which took place partly in front of the same institution. On multiple visual layers, he interconnects instances of de-colonial resistance in the heartland of Berlin.

©Miguel Buenrostro
All rights reserved