Saber a qué Suena -
Solo exhibition - 2024

Museo Casa del Lago, CDMX
Por soleá, 2024 Digital video 20’30’’’

Images by Erik Lopez, Miguel Buenrostro
and Mara Arteaga

The border condition of Andalusia, as a distant neighbor of North Africa and maritime entry and exit ports during colonial and imperial periods, brings together traditions in constant transit. Por soleá is a listening documentary made by Buenrostro in three cities of Andalusia in southern Spain. In an exercise of urban drifts, interviews with key agents, and interventions in specific sites, the video develops questions related to the migratory condition of sounds, an aural transit that in the work is referred to as "trans-audition." This concept serves as a touchstone to articulate the journey and return journey as processes in motion and accumulation of knowledge, sounds, and instruments whose primary action is to travel from one tradition to another.

The journey opens with shots of the buildings and pavilions created for the 1992 Universal Exposition of Seville on the island of La Cartuja and closes with a dance by flamenco researcher and dancer Javiera de la Fuente in front of the mural Verbo América by artist Roberto Matta, both Chilean by birth. In Jerez de la Frontera, a search unfolds through its streets and tablaos, ending with the laments of the cante jondo by singer Antonio Carpio Fernández "El Mijita." Finally, in Cádiz, the movements focus on the workshop of luthier Fernando Hermida, one of the most renowned luthiers in the Andalusian city.

Miguel Buenrostro with the participation of Javiera de la Fuente, Antonio Carpio Fernández "Mijita" and Fernando Hermida


Miguel Buenrostro with the participation of Javiera de la Fuente Verbo América, 2024 Digital video 1’49’’

Miguel Buenrostro with the participation of Antonio Carpio Fernández "Mijita" Gitana mexicana, 2024 Digital video 1’04’’

Miguel Buenrostro with the participation of Fernando Hermida Saber a qué suena, 2024 Digital video 3’46’’

Courtesy of the artist and collaborators with the support of 99 Questions from Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss