Selected Works

Sonic Interventions 
Owned by Others, Berlin 2020

Sonora investigates the soundscapes of the Museum island in Berlin by mapping the traveling memories of musicians whose music resonates in the corners, pathways, bridges and corridors of the Island. The musicians form part of a complex constellation of musical genealogy and journeys of migration. Miguel continues to examine these soundscapes by drawing the disparities between tourists, business people, ‘locals’ and ‘others’.

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Sonic Interventions    
Owned by Others, Berlin 2021

‘Sonora‘ a series of Musical encounters / Sonic interventions in collaboration with musicians on Museum Island, Berlin.

In an attempt to counteract the impersonal presentations of Museum Island given by its institutions, artist Miguel Buenrostro has brought together different musicians that earn a living playing music for visitors, locals and workers in the streets of Museum Island. Normally a touristic zone characterised by anonymous encounters and communicative neglect, the Museum Island is set up as a stage for new, meaningful encounters.

With the participation of

Francisco Lara Alvarez
Gato Luis Lincheo
Rommel Alexander Guasumba
Sebastian Javier Pinto Rojas

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Film still, Radical Mnemonics, 14” Film, HD

‘Sonic Diaspora’, is an ongoing research -  listening exercise that  reflects on ways of inhabiting Europe through musical embodiment. Thinking / feeling along journeys of migration, trajectories, places of origin  and stories of plural sonic worlds. Sonic Diaspora is a constellation of musical memories in collaboration with musicians of Latin American background based in Berlin.

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                                             Music for a third landscape 
Hier & Jetzt, Residency program 2021 

Musica para Tercer Paisaje was a sonic intervention during La Casa del Jaguar (The Jaguar House); an artistic program developed by  Miguel Buenrostro and Nicolás Kisic Aguirre. The program unfolds as a series of sonic interventions in which artists from Latin America are invited to improvise and reflect on communal narratives and possible worlds.

The series of works reflect on the recurrent figure of the Jaguar in mesoamerican pluriversal cosmologies. From the Mayans to the Incas, the jaguar is not seen as a dualist entity but as a relational being that inhabits nocturnal and intraterrestrial spaces. The jaguar is also linked to fertility, agriculture, destruction and ritualistic shamanic practices. La casa del Jaguar is a homage to the relational worlds of the Americas and creates an open space of radical imagination and co-sharing in the BLO ateliers site.

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Lecture Performance   
Imaginary Bauhaus Museum, Weimar Germany 2020

D I S F U N C I O N A L I S T A is a critical view on modern architecrture,  the performance opens up discussions on authoritarian regimes where Modern architecture played a crucial role as stage for traumatic memory and nationalist lenguage.

The performance was held at Anna Amalia Bibliotheke in Weimar during the celebretion of 100 years of bauhaus. 

With the Participation of:

Miguel Bnrstr
Margarita Certeza Garcia
Jakob Wolters
Minhee Ahn
Edoardo Tedde
Nikola Kekerovic
Lucía Diegó

Screening; Monopolio de la memoria

Pablo Martínez Zárat

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