(Shut up and listen)
Laboratoire Kontempo, 2022
Kinshasa, RDC / Berlin / Haus Der Statistik

Kanga Munoko Yoka “Shut up and listen” is a series of listening sessions filmed during the
Kinzonzi exhibition program in Kinshasa. The film accompanies the founders of explosive music collective “Fulu Miziki '' Pisko Crane and Aicha Mena Kanieba in their artistic process. From the creation of musical instruments and ‘eco’ fashion, to intimate rehearsals. and unexpected musical performances in the National Museum of the DRC.

Kanga Munoko Yoka proposes a ‘listening positionality’ as a way of entering in relation
with the radical diversity of musical worlds in Kinshasa. Moving beyond western representations of otherness and categories of exotic ‘world music’, shifting towards artistic freedom and its interaction with musical embodiment and environmental action.

The video piece is accompanied by Pisco Crane and Aicha’s mask creation ‘Luba’ which

represents the beauty of the women of Kasaï in India. 

Watch film here